Protect Your Roof through Restoration

Roof coatings seal and protect your building’s roof from the Texas heat and other natural elements. They can also save on your energy bills using a white coating that reflects light and heat off your roof surface, substantially lowering rooftop temperatures.

Roof coatings can add years of life to your roof by protecting the roof surface from hail, rain, sunlight and other deteriorating factors. Coatings form a seamless sealant over your roof and can substitute as a less expensive and environmentally friendly repair for persistent leaks.

Why Restoration with Silicone?

  • Cost Savings — Can be less than half the price of re-roofing & 100 percent tax deductible.
  • Sustainable — Renewable and transferable manufacturer warranties.
  • Silicone is unaffected by intense UV, ponding water or snow pack. And because it is inorganic, it does not wear away over time like other coatings.
  • Reflective — Energy Star Rated coatings cool the building & lower air conditioning costs.
  • Environmentaly Friendly — Don’t tear off the roof and fill up a landfill. Did you know it takes 10,000 years for EPDM to degrade in a landfill? Silicone is made from Silicon, the 2nd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, so we’re also not depleting vital natural resources.
  • Versatile — Can be used on all types of roofs and can be installed year-round.

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Why the Ure-A-Sil System? It is a hybrid system, combining a urethane base coat for adhesion and toughness with a silicone top coat for its unmatched resistance to intense UV and ponding water. Nothing will outlast silicone. Nothing.

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